Students often come to see us to ask how they can score more highly on their written assessments. Based on our experience of talking to students across the University and looking at notes written by tutors, we've identified three main areas in which student writers can make significant improvements if they follow some fairly simple advice. These areas are:

  • Staying focused on the question (pdf.)
  • Organising a piece of writing (pdf.)
  • Improving clarity  (pdf.)

Download the pdf guides and try to apply the suggestions in them to your current assignment.    

For further discussion, book a tutorial with a Learning Advisor or an RLF Fellow

Getting started with writing

It's sometimes difficult to get started writing or to know what it is that you know, think and want to say. In this case we often find that a spell of 'freewriting' can help. Freewriting is a kind of 'speaking-writing' where you write for a specific period of time without stopping and without judging the quality of what you're writing. 

For those of you who like to freewrite on your computers, here’s a tool you can use: Freewriting app