FAQs: One-to-One Tutorials


How long does each tutorial last?                    

1 hour tutorials: 50 minutes one-to-one + 10 minutes for consolidation and planning. Ideal for reviewing writing or an in-depth conversation addressing a student's personal academic needs.

20-minute tutorials: 20 minutes one-to-one. Ideal if you have a few quick questions or want advice on technical aspects of study skills, such as referencing or time management.

When and where are tutorials held?                

Tutorials are held in Room 5, Writing & Study Guidance, First Floor West, Mile End Library. Tutorials are offered daily, Monday to Friday during term-time and over the summer. When necessary, tutorials can be conducted remotely by Skype or telephone.

What do I send beforehand?                               

To allow us to prepare to see you and to give you the best help we can, you will need to email us what work you'd like to make the focus of your tutorial, at least the day before your tutorial. The work does not have to be complete.                                                                                  

     Writing: Draft of an essay you are working on; a previous essay you have written; an example of your academic writing AND any instructions your department has given you for the task.                                                                        

     Reading: An example of the texts you are reading for your course (a journal article, a scan of a chapter of a book).                                           

     Presentation Skills: Your slides; your handout(s).                                                                                  

     Time Management: No need to send anything, but bring along your diary/timetable if you have one.                                                                             

     Exam & Revision Skills: A copy of a past paper.

Who can book?                                                      

Any student at QMUL (and even staff) at any level - Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate - of any discipline. Both home and international students can benefit, whether they are struggling or whether they are already high achievers. 

How do I book?                                                    

 Make your tutorial appointment by completing the tutorial booking form. Please note, that due to high demand, you can ony book one tutorial at a time.

What kind of questions do students ask?         

Does my writing flow?... Is my work sufficiently critical?... Is my argument clear?...  How can I structure this essay?... Where do I put a comma?!!...   How is a literature review different from a discursive essay?... How can I improve the delivery of my seminar presentation?... How can I get through my reading? ... How can I keep my concentration?...  How can  I tackle my examinaton essay? There are almost as many needs as there are students.  We like to focus on the specific academic needs of the individual student.

How many tutorials can I have a term?             

This depends how many you need to master a skill!  Some people only need one - others need more.  Most people make two or three bookings a term, but there is no set rule. At the end of each tutorial, you should discuss your next steps with your tutor.  We work with you in partnership to enable you to attain good academic practice. Our aim is to help you gain mastery of a skill and become autonomous.  After you have been to an existing appointment, you can book your next appointment, but the system does not allow you to 'block book'.

How far in advance should I book?                     

New appointments generate two weeks in advance, on a rolling basis. Our tutorial provision is, of course, subject to availability. If you're having trouble booking a one-hour slot, try booking a 20-minute slot instead. These are often more readily available and we can address more than you'd imagine in 20 minutes.

What if I have an urgent deadline and cannot get an appointment?

Find out about our Drop-in service. You can come to see us here without an appointment and we can usually give you 20 minutes.

What if I am having problems with the online booking system? What if I do not receive an automated confirmation slip?         

Please e-mail us at studyguidancetutorials@qmul.ac.uk and we shall endeavour to help. You can also telephone us Monday - Thursday on 0207 882 2800 and speak to us in person or leave a message.

Does the tutorial service operate all year round?  

It operates Monday - Friday from the first week in October until mid-August each year, apart from Christmas and Easter holidays, Bank holidays and college closure days. During Reading Week and in the summer term, the service may be reduced, but it is still operative. We usually offer 16 appointments a week during the autumn and spring terms and a minimum of 8 during the summer term, according to demand.

What do former tutorial students say?             

Find out here what students have said about their experiences of one-to-one tutorials.

What if I need to change the date or cancel?      

You can do this by e-mailing studyguidancetutorials@qmul.ac.uk or by telephoning 0207 882 2800. You can leave a voicemail message if we are not available.