Discuss your work with a tutor

We offer One-to-one tutorials, Drop-in sessions and Reading Writing spaces, all of which can help you to develop your writing, presentations, assignment preparation, reading, time management and general approach to your work. Take a look at our section on Communication, Language and Study Guidance

If you want some help on any aspect of maths, statistics and science, find out when we can help you on our Drop In Study Centre for Maths, Stats and Science section. We run a two hour drop-in sessoin every weekday during term time.

Our Royal Literary Fund (RLF) Fellows are published writers who offer students personal tutorials to discuss your writing.

Postgraduate students are welcome to come along to a writing or reading retreat, or our regular writing group.

You may also be interested in the following aspects of Learning Development:

Links and resources – browse our online learning resources and find links to other services at QMUL and beyond that can help you study well

Other activities and events – read more about other activities and events happening in Learning Development

Find out more about the Learning Development team, or contact us here.